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15 Macaulay icons

Heyyy. I have PhotoShop now. Nothing too fancy, just PhotoShop Elements. But I felt like making icons today, so here's my first attempt at using it (my past icons were made in Gimp).

14 icons of Macaulay Culkin. Why Macaulay Culkin? I honestly don't know. lol. I just randomly thought of him earlier, and then I found some pretty pictures of him so I decided to iconize them.

01 02 03
04 05 06 07
08 09 10
11 12 13 14

The usual rules. Comments are nice, credit 1000ships_heart, don't hotlink.

edit: So, apparently, depending on the angle I look at this screen, red can appear to be hot pink. But other colors look pretty much the same. So, I was looking at these on a different computer and realized the coloring isn't the way I thought it was. I really wanted the background of the one I'm using as my default to be pink, so I edited it.

I like this one so much better, haha.

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